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Mind the Gap – Bridging the Cyber Skills Shortage

How can you prepare your business for modern cyber-attacks?

The frequency and destructive nature of modern cyber-attacks is a growing threat to our corporations. The motivation behind the modern transgressor has changed, with the purpose of attack evolving from causing annoyance, to financial gain, political motivation, or other malevolent activities.

However, most companies find themselves increasingly ill-equipped to deal with the constant onslaught. This is caused by a variety of reasons: hackers changing their motivations for attacks, lack of cybersecurity training and awareness in employees as well as a shortage of security skills and experts.

Our whitepaper Bridging the Cyber Skills Shortage takes an in-depth look at these reasons and explores what actions the government and companies have taken to respond to heightened attack volumes and increasingly resourceful adversaries.

In addition, our paper provides you with crucial steps you can take to provide the level of protection necessary to defend your business against the growing variety and volume of cyber threats. It also highlights what you can do to mitigate the skills shortage in the current security market.

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Hackers aren’t sleeping – download our paper now to stay one step ahead.