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The IoT revolution is here

With SAP Leonardo businesses can make IoT work for them

We are delighted to introduce our T-Systems whitepaper Accelerate IoT with SAP Leonardo featuring research from Gartner’s: ‘Operationalize Your IoT with SAP Leonardo’ report. Discover how far IoT has come from its heavy industry origins and the best means to reap the benefits of this technology. Drawing on Gartner’s industry expert advice, learn how IoT can provide enterprises with an unprecedented level of insight into their daily operations to boost productivity, agility, efficiency and flexibility. With SAP Leonardo as the driving force – a highly innovative solution is born, one that integrates a host of cloud technologies with digital services – enabling businesses to step into the digital age with confidence.

In addition our whitepaper using Gartner’s research examines:

  • Technologies that SAP Leonardo incorporates including: M2M, Blockchain, Analytics, AI, Big Data and IoT and their business applications.
  • SAP Leonardo’s ability to operate on major public infrastructure vendors, including Microsoft Azure, Google & Open Telekom Cloud.
  • Key factors and solutions for creating an IoT strategy that meets your specific requirements.
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Don’t lose your edge. Understand how IoT & SAP Leonardo can transform your operations. Download our whitepaper today.