In your hands or theirs?

Closing the back door on hackers

Ensuring robust Cyber Security is a daunting problem for businesses and their IT management teams.

Nowadays, cyber criminals are ever-more sophisticated and better resourced. In addition trends in the workplace, such as employees increasingly working remotely and on their own devices, create ever more vulnerabilities and security weak points. The rapid growth of smart home devices and the Internet of Things are already providing more and more opportunities for cyber criminals and problems for business’ IT networks. These issues are set to increase exponentially over a short time period.

T-Systems, one of the world’s leading providers of corporate ICT systems, has been investigating some of the Cyber Security challenges in today’s digital business world. Our findings revealed important warnings for many businesses:
  • customer loyalty is damaged or lost due to theft of customer data
  • poor cyber security practices by employees
  • lack of sufficient security training
  • using free internet software and connections
Just to name a few.

Our report highlights the high cost of many businesses not taking enough cybersecurity measures. Download our research now to understand what you, as a business, can do to protect your customers’ valuable data and prevent future attacks.
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